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Mobile Terms and Conditions

The SMS functionality available through shortcode 72380,
hereafter referred to as GXC TEXT, is a product of GXC LLC.
You are an individual interacting with GXC TEXT with your
mobile telephone device. You must agree to these terms and
conditions in order to use GXC TEXT.

GXC TEXT will never send unsolicited text messages to you.
In order for you to receive a text message from GXC TEXT,
you must either initiate a bounce by sending a text message
to 72380 or opt-in to receive broadcast messages.

You can STOP receiving text messages from GXC TEXT at
any time and for any reason by texting STOP to 72380.

You can receive HELP concerning GXC TEXT services at
any time by texting HELP to 72380.

You can contact GXC TEXT support by emailing
text@graphxcentral.com or calling 972-317-3460.

GXC TEXT does not charge you any fees whatsoever to use
the GXC TEXT services, however message and data rates
may apply depending on the plan you have provisioned from
your mobile telephone carrier.

List of participating carriers include: T-Mobile, AT&T,
Verizon Wireless, Alltel PCS, Cricket, Nextel, Sprint, US Cellular.



Mobile Help

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